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Public Tickets

Chris Lasser Encore - Header/Primary Navigation on Mobile and Tablet not sticky   Encore Resort & Hotel Template   Updated 6 hours ago   3 Most recent comment from Chris Lasser:Thank you very much for the fast reply! I added/changed the following coder to push the header-images down again: @media only screen and (max-width: 991px) {     /* ... your code-snippet ... */   ... Ai Nguyen Tabs are not responsive   Monarch - Responsive Multi-Language WordPress Theme   Updated 2 days ago   11 Most recent comment from Ai Nguyen:Hi Robert, I am attaching the foundation.css here.  I added the code on line 1392.  This seems to do nothing to change the images to respond to mobile width.  The color doesn't change with this syn ... Rich Twitter and Instagram Feeds Not Working   Chocolat - Bootstrap Restaurant Template   Updated 3 days ago   2 Most recent comment from Robert Westmore:Hi, Yeah Instagram changed the api as did twitter. Nothing we can do to fix instagram as they don't allow access anymore. Twitter we'll look into either a fix or a different widget. Zahra theme and mp emmet plugin   Epic WordPress Theme   Updated 5 days ago   4 Most recent comment from Robert Westmore:Hi, We cannot troublesoot plugins for other themes, sorry. Support is for Epic features and plugins only. Konstantinos Login page   Encore Resort & Hotel Template   Updated 1 week ago   3 Most recent comment from Konstantinos:I need a separate page. Thank you in advance